Banana Bread and coffee special – Michel’s Patisserie Eastwood

Bite into that lovely crispy crust on all four edges, then gradually make your way to chew on the light and moist centre of the thick banana bread or raisin toast with coffee for $6.90 as you treat yourself for tea at Michel’s Patisserie Eastwood.

Michels banana - photo 5

Michel’s Patisserie Eastwood prides itself with its best sellers- raisin toast and banana bread with coffee. For two consecutive years, they were named Coffee Shop of the Year 2012, by the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards.

Michel's BB - photo 11

Located right next to the fountain at Eastwood, the outdoor and indoor tables and chairs make meeting up for a coffee a treat for all seasons.

Michel's BB - photo 3

Asking what was the cheapest and most popular eat at the café, we were presented with a delightful plate of banana bread. Definitely a favourite.

Michel's BB - photo 4

Check out the coffee art!!

Michels banana - photo 3

Or even the display of tea.

Michels banana - photo 1

Banana bread can go wrong in so many ways- the texture, the softness, the sweetness, the moisture from the bananas.. I’ve had my run experimenting with baking. However, Michel’s Patisserie has seemed to get it perfectly right.

Michels banana - photo 2

Ask to get it toasted 2, or 3 times for that extra crunchiness. I really like how the butter is served on the side for those who don’t fancy it (like me).

Michels banana - photo 4

The size is huge too and after a slice I’m done!

Review Rating: =D =) =| =(

Product (Banana Bread and coffee at Michel’s Patisserie Eastwood): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I go and get a $6.90 raisin toast/banana bread every time I’m in Eastwood? I wouldn’t say every single time because there are a lot of cheap Asian places around. However, when it comes to western-style breakfasts/morning or afternoon tea, this would be my choice. I really liked the banana bread because it wasn’t awfully sweet like some other shops which sugar coat everything. Here, you’ll taste the light banana cake side, rather than mouthful of a thick and solid slice.

Would I pay full price for the bread and coffee? To be honest, I think I would. At normal cafes, banana bread is around $4 + and to add an extra coffee would be a standard price anyway. And on top of that, I know that I will enjoy it. 100%.

Highlight: ask for that banana bread to be toasted 3 times. You might think it’s a joke and it’ll get burnt but it is the BEST thing ever. I love muffin tops and I’m known to only eat (and be-head) them whilst I bake. Just imagine a whole slice of this.. yumo!

Suggestion of Improvement: The $1 extra only applies to the small coffee. It would be great if you could add $1.50 extra for a medium, and possibly $2 extra for a large for those needing a caffeine boost.

Ends: never, but check in-store.

Angela Bee


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