Burgers, Fries and Beer – Little Rumour

Last time my brother and I had an amazing time munching big juicy burgers with our Groupon deal. Unfortunately round 2 was the opposite.

Little Rumour - photo 5

Little Rumour is a small cafe, restaurant and bar joint on 4 Castlereagh in the centre of Sydney’s CBD offering $10 burgers, fries and beer as a Groupon voucher.

2013, DECEMBER - Little Rumour - photo 2

Expecting the same burger menu, I already had an idea of what I wanted. But when me and my friends got there, there was only the mere choice of cheeseburger, chicken breast burger, or chilli hot dog.

Little Rumour - photo 6

We had a little bit of difficulty when it came to ordering because there was no signage but we were told to present our vouchers at the bar.

Little Rumour - photo 3

There is a $5 beer special on weekdays 5-7pm so arrive early for some pre drinks.

Little Rumour - photo 7

Apparently the chilli dog isn’t that great so I decided to go for the cheese burger. Fortunately, I was allowed order a salad instead of fries because last time the fries were a bit dry. I’m not sure if the rocket and parmesan did it justice. There wasn’t a lot in the burger, probably the patty and that was all I could taste!

Little Rumour - photo 9

Instead, I piled it on my burger to add those veggies in my meal.

Little Rumour - photo 11

The cheeseburger was not bad but there was fat oozing out if you gave it a squeeze. Maybe opt for the chicken breast burger when you go.

Little Rumour - photo 10

Groupon burgers were half the size of their real juicy burgers. Shameful because after this instance my friends and I were put off by it.

Maybe the highlight was that there was a little bit of live music…

Little Rumour - photo 8

Next time come for their other specials.

Little Rumour - photo 1Little Rumour - photo 2

Overall they were average. Nothing fancy. I would say the presentation was fancier than McDonalds.

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Food and drink: =|

Ambience: =|

Service: =)

Value: =|

Would I come and get a Burger, Fries and Beer deal from Little Rumour again? In my previous blog, we were given better options and service was excellent. However this time round, I would say I would never buy it again. I recommended this to friends the first round and their comments were similar to this post.

Would I pay full price ($22) for the burgers, fries and beer? Now if I were to get the first burgers I originally got, yes. For this time, I would say no. $10 max and only because it came with beer.

Highlight: probably the beer. We tried to swap it for cider since my friend did it last time when she got the deal. Their needs to be some consistency required. Other than that, the interior design is fab.

Suggestion of improvement: bring back those deliciously huge burgers for the Groupon customers! If it was a marketing strategy then it wasn’t too well thought out. The salad would’ve been nicer with either tomatoes, or some other veg and not just rocket and small shavings of cheese. I squished it all in my burger instead. Now looking back at the Groupon, it states: ‘All burgers and chilli dogs served with a side of fries and aioli”- what?! Please give accordingly…

Ends: February 19, 2014
Link: http://littlerumour.com/

Angela Bee

Previous blog post: https://thewalkingadvertisement.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/little-rumour/

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