Student Specials – The Vogue Cafe

If pot plants hanging from the ceiling, smoothies in jars covered in chocolate and 1920s inspired vintage ‘welcome’ signs are your liking, and if you are a student,  walk the extra 5 minutes from uni to receive : $7 coffee and cake, $12 sandwich and smoothie, and $15 burger, chips and can of drink, or 20% off for any student club/society until May 31, 2014.

The Vogue Cafe - photo 2

The Vogue Cafe on Level 2 at Macquarie Centre has both a relaxing and friendly vibes amongst a bit of creativity… in other words, take a break and enjoy cheap good food and coffee while you’re still a student.  #studentspecials #iwishistillwasastudent

The Vogue Cafe - photo 6

Present your student card and the voucher at the end of this blog post to receive:

1. Cake and coffee $7

The Vogue Cafe - photo 5

Never go wrong with a muffin. The size is as big as 2 fists and prove to be in a meal itself. This blueberry muffin was as delicious as it looks in the picture.
Tastes home made, moist inside out, with whole blueberries throughout.

2. Sandwich and smoothie $12

The Vogue Cafe - photo 3

Sandwich is absolutely insanely sandwiched with chicken and avocado. I would’ve liked his if it was grilled or toasted to give it that extra crispy texture instead oft he two slices of plain bread.
Lightly peppered, mouthfuls of heaven but average presentation.

The Vogue Cafe - photo 1

Smoothie, as always, was just beautiful. A bit thick but the extra nuts and mint compliment the drink really well, especially on a hot day like today!! This was the ‘manberry’, a mix of strawberry and banana.

3. Burgers, chips and can of drink $15

The Vogue Cafe - photo 4

Bite into the crunchiest chips you will ever taste. Let me dissect one chip- thin, mega oily but extreme crispy on the outside, and soft mushy potato inside, lightly seasoned with intense herbs and salt. I have never tasted anything so good. On the other hand, the steak burger wasn’t as meaty as expected but the thick layer of caramelised onions spread onto the lower slice of the panini was the highlight.
Piping hot herbed crunchy chips, standard steak burger, enough for you to be in a food coma.

4. Any student club and/or society with 10 people or more 20% off

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 5

There is room inside and out for groups. Enjoy the decorations, greeted by friendly staff and order whatever your mouth waters towards.

Free wifi available.

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Deal (student specials at The Vogue Cafe): =)

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I go to The Vogue Cafe and grab a student special every week? Yes, I would come once a week or so, but other cafés such as The Shingle Inn also do $6.90 cake and coffee specials, but to be honest, I’ve asked a fair amount of students about this deal and the prices aren’t too appealing.. even if it’s $6 for cafe and coffee, or $10 for sandwich and smoothie, and even $12 for a burger would attract more customers. That has been my general consensus. Thoughts?

Would I pay full price for the student specials at The Vogue Cafe? For the cake and muffin, I think it’s totally worth it. The sandwich and smoothie at normal price would be worth it as well if only the bread was slightly toasted. Even a sprinkle of cheese on the top would be fancy. I’m not too sure about the burger because even though those chips were gobsmackingly amazing, the patty was a bit of a downer. Having said that the portion size altogether was pretty substantial for a girl.

Highlight: jarred smoothies. I cannot get enough of these smoothies. The top of the jars are covered in chocolate. Mine had shredded coconut and my friend’s had muesli. It’s just pure goodness in a jar. I wish it was never ending.

Suggestion if improvement: what I would like to see is probably a thicker piece of meat on the steak? Also when ordering, having the waitresses ask if I wanted multigrain bread or possibly having my sandwich toasted would’ve been more ideal for those who like it in their special ways.

Ends: May 31, 2014
Voucher: The Vogue Cafe student special vouchers

Angela Bee

For price comparisons and previous blog:

Please note that The Vogue Cafe has re-opened as of October 2014. Same location and french-inspired cafe pictures below. 

It’s a bit noisy as it is right next to a car park but it’s charming and lovely!

The Vogue Cafe - photo 1

The Vogue Cafe - photo 2 The Vogue Cafe - photo 3 The Vogue Cafe - photo 4 The Vogue Cafe - photo 5


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