Leave 10-11am Monday and Thursdays available when you make this semester’s timetables for FREE fitness classes at the UTS Multi- Purpose Sports Hall.

    Ufit - photo 5

UFIT is a free initiative for UTS students where two sessions each week are provided in the dance studio of the UTS Multi-Purpose Sports Hall (in building 4B). Classes vary from pilates, yoga, boxing, core strengthening, boot camps, and circuits.

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These sessions are targeted at beginners and generally for anyone looking to get fit. It’s a great way to make friends and have fun at the same time. All classes are mandatory and if classes are missed then your spot may be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

Ufit - photo 1

Trainers are personal trainers from the UTS Fitness Centre and each have their own specialties in fitness.

I started going last semester and I went 2 times a week. It is TOTALLY worth it. Our classes composed primarily of boxing on Mondays and on Wednesdays it was a variety. The trainers are flexible and show you both easy and intense moves.

Ufit - photo 4

The best thing about UFIT is that you do it FREE and in GROUPS. I found that I made heaps of friends and we even started working out together outside the program.

Downstairs is a basketball court. Try running 20 laps after class. It’ll help your endurance, stamina and help you cool down after a workout.

Ufit - photo 3

The program will be open for registration by week 1 and will aim to start by week 3.

Ufit - photo 2

If it’s too late for you, UFIT classes are also running in semester 2. Don’t forget. (I’ll remind you).

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (UFIT classes): =)

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I go to UFIT 2 times a week, every week? HECK YES!! And indeed I did that from Week 3 last semester. I absolutely loved it, and when the UFIT classes finished, a group of us worked out at times at the gym, but also at Prince Alfred Park. On the other hand, I only had 1 subject last sem, which was Spanish, so I didn’t really need to study.

Would I pay to go to UFIT? $5 a session is probably the best workout price compared to what’s around. There are many fitness studios but I really like the UTS environment where I got to meet lots of people from different faculties and years. However, it is a majority of girls.

Highlight: meeting all my lovely friends and working out with them. Even the trainers were friendly and easy to talk with. Seeing everyone so often makes it easy to keep in touch.

Suggestion of Improvement: market this MORE! This is exciting because it’s FREE! I usually go to the Bluebird Brekkie Bar (Tower Building Level 4) and get a FREE breakfast, then wonder down to the UTS Sports Hall. The exercises are pretty similar every week so it’ll be nice to have more variety. Maybe each week they could focus on a particular type of fitness? Otherwise it gets really repetitive..

Ends: Week 12 (?) Semester 1, 2014. Check with andrew.trinh@uts.edu.au

Link: Coming soon..but click onUTS Sport andUTS Social Sports to be updated.

Angela Bee


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