Big Breakfast deal – Michel’s Patisserie Eastwood

Fresh air, summer warmth, beautiful big breakfast and excellent coffee for only $13.90, a breakfast special ONLY  offered at Michel’s Patisserie Eastwood.

Michel's BB - photo 9

“Michel’s Patisserie is a much loved family patisserie offering sweet treats, scrumptious savouries and award winning coffee. They have been named Coffee Shop of the Year 2012, by the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards.”

Michel's BB - photo 11

Next to Eastwood’s iconic fountain amongst the bustling range of reject shops,  clothing shops and of course, Asian restaurants sits a simple, yet spacious western-style café with both outdoor and indoor seating areas.

Michel's BB - photo 2

Breakfast is the best time to come, or rather brunch if you’re keen for a breakfast deal because the prices don’t seem to disappoint. With every breakfast deal on the board, can you believe it’s only $1 extra for a coffee?

Michel's BB - photo 8

Notice that at Michel’s there are actually 3 sizes. Small is your normal regular ($3.60), regular is your normal large ($4), and large is an extra large ($4.60) for those coffee lovers desperate to stay awake.

Michel's BB - photo 7

The ‘Big Breakfast’ was popping out at me. $12.9 for bacon, eggs, sausage, mushrooms, tomato and toast? At the Coffee Club, they offer this for $22!

I highly recommend the scrambled eggs which were runny enough to be just cooked. I shared with a friend so we got to sample both the fried and scrambled.

Michel's BB - photo 10

At other cafés, I noticed that bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms are always ridiculously oily and fried until black, or garnished with a ton of salt. If you want to taste real bacon, you should come here. Sausages were average though.

Now the coffee was very good. Not brilliant, not bad, but quite good. The barista they have is actually the owner’s wife who works there every day full time. You know it’s good when they’ve been at it for years.

Michel's BB - photo 1

Michel’s Patisserie is the best western value-for-money eggcellent breakfast in Eastwood. #bigbreakfastbargain

Michel's BB - photo 6

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Big Breakfast at Michel’s Patisserie Eastwood): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I get a $13.90 big breakfast and coffee/breakfast at Michel’s Patisserie Eastwood? There is quite a range here and the prices aren’t that bad. If I was to meet up to someone at Eastwood, this would be an easy choice, and plus, the location is easy to describe- next to the fountain!

Would I pay full price for the big breakfast and coffee? It’s funny how there are 3 sizes of coffees. I wonder if we could pay an extra $1.50 for a medium and $2 for a large? The size of the big breakfast itself is enough to be lunch so why not!

Highlight: scrambled eggs. It was yolky, a bit runny and totally irresistible. I’m a sucker for eggs and these were just perfect for my taste buds.

Suggestion of improvement: preferably a selection of breads would make he place more ‘gourmet’. Currently they only give out white toast and I like my grains so that could help enhance the healthiness. Other than that, maybe just a bit of herbs here and there on the platter to make it more interesting.

Ends: never, but check in store.

Angela Bee


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