St James Hotel

Bulk on that protein with buy 1 get 1 free or $6 steak and chips, $6.50 fish and chips, $7 chicken schnitzel, $8.50 grilled salmon and $6.50 meat lovers pizza every Thursday and Friday from 5pm at St James Hotel.

St James Hotel - photo 1

“Eat, drink & play”at St Jame’s Hotel. Opened October 2006, Sydney’s latest hotel is a stunning, 700pax, 3 level bar, bistro, function, and entertainment space located in the heart of the CBD. Unique and glamorous, with three distinct levels, each evoking a different atmosphere and experience – the bistro in the lower ground floor, street level bar and on the first floor, the stunning Mirabelle, a cocktail lounge of unequalled indulgence with a focus on a diverse range of entertainment in moody and sexy surrounds.

St James Hotel - photo 10

Literally a 2 minute walk from St James Hotel (duh), this simple restaurant and bar is pretty much ‘what you see is what you get’ venue.

St James Hotel - photo 6

The signs for $4 wine, beer and spirits is cleverly displayed at the front. Perfect for those who want to know what’s on the menu without needing to go inside. Thursdays are your lucky days!

St James Hotel - photo 3

Heading inside, its dark but lit up with screens and candles on the table.

St James Hotel - photo 5

Upstairs gives a more classy look with function space available.

St James Hotel - photo 9

The first time I went with a couple of friends from overseas, the bar tender took our wine order and made us pay full price and probably took advantage of the fact that my friends had a strong French accent. I complained and there was no refund given.

Apparently the $4 drinks only apply upstairs. I was NOT happy with this service, charging us over double the price.

St James Hotel - photo 7

We headed end upstairs for the drinks and ordered our meals downstairs. Kitchen is only available on ground level.

St James Hotel - photo 4

I went to Woolworths just to check out how much meat would cost if we went ourselves. $11.95 for 2 steaks and chips is pretty cheap and easy if you can’t cook! Here its $4.75 for 350grams as opposed to $6 for 250 grams meat + chips.

St James Hotel - photo 2

The chicken schnitzel was a bit dry and there was an option for sauce for $2.50. At least it came with salad and chips.

St James Hotel - photo 11

We stocked up on drinks just before 8pm.

St James Hotel - photo 12

There is also a balcony area for the smokers behind the pole in the photo.

St James Hotel - photo 8

Remember: upstairs and downstairs prices differ.

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Buy 1 Get 1 Free St James Hotel meals): =)

Ambience: =|

Service: =(

Value: =)

Would I to to St James Hotel every day? I’m not a meat person and sometimes find it difficult eating a steak but there is variety with the salmon, chicken, pasta and all which is a plus! Meals are cheap but eating pub food every night is not the best. At most once a week.

Would I pay full price for the meal? Not that I know my French friend got completely ripped off for buy 3 drinks at full price! I guess I should’ve paid for the first rounds instead. Anyway, I like a cheap meal and if it was $12 for a steak and chips, other places like Cargo bar, and a few around George Street offer $10 meals so I would reconsider coming here. The $4 drinks is a great incentive.

Highlight: the drinks! We went a bit crazy but bare in mind they only finish at 9pm!

Suggestion of improvement: it would be absolutely fantastic if you could specify where to order the drinks and food to get the discounted goods! We were so nervous that the meals were not buy 1 get 1 free the second time round after the drinks disaster.

Ends: never

Angela Bee

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