Sydney Chinese New Year Twilight Parade

2014’s year of the horse parade herded thousands of people to watch colourfully lit people walk down the parade from George Street towards Darling Harbour from 7pm onwards on Sunday February 2. Giddiup horsey!

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 2

“Stunning projections from The Electric Canvas light up the facades of our city buildings, and the Horse comes alive, surrounded by ponies, dancing children and the Lucky Children of the Four Seasons, each symbolising harvest and prosperity as shown on Hu Ming’s colourful Chinese New Year artwork.”

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 4

I caught a train to Townhall Station and it literally thought I would not get out. There were more people at the station than peak hour home time for office workers. Fireworks went up to mark the the parade’s start.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 3

Light projections added a stunning the colourful effect on on top of Woolworths, Townhall.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 1

I must say, City of Sydney has done a fabulous job getting the Chinese and wider community to crowd the streets on such an important occasion. Good thing this wasn’t done on the actual day.

The horse was obviously the highlight, all electrically lit up.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 6

It was very crowded- I told you, there was a herd of people! Some were climbing windows, others were standing on chairs.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 5

Medibank gave out long inflatable clappers.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 7

Here, the tiny girl wearing a tutu with tons of fairy lights was the cutest thing ever!

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 8

I walked along the parade line and noticed some people standing in bizarre places to grab a glance of the colourful twirls.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 9

Eventually I cheated and walked towards the other side of the Entertainment Centre, heading towards a building with light displays.

The floats ended here so if you wanted, you can get up close and personal with them! There might be a lot of people in your photo though.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 10

Nudging my way through, I got to the end of the parade. Best view ever. This is where the water shower is at the entrance to Darling Harbour.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 11

I decided to walk down to Harbourside anyway and noticed this gigantic horse having a bit of a go every few minutes. Beware of the nose.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 12

Loving the glowing 3D shapes in the green.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 13

Waited until 10pm for the fireworks but enjoyed the calmer ambiance at one of my favourite places in the world. The chariot info music came on with a boom and lead the fireworks display. What coordination!

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 14

The last bit ended with a gazillion fireworks flaring up almost at the same time. It needed a standing ovation. Check out the crowd.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 16

Girls dressed in traditional clothing were ready to perform. I didn’t stay though.

Sydney CNY Twilight parade - photo 15

Gong xi fa cai!

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Sydney CNY Twilight Parade): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I go to the Sydney Chinese New Year Twilight Parade every year? I must admit, it is similar every year. I would go every few years because it will make me enjoy it even more.

Would I pay to see the Twilight Parade? There’s a lot of work out into this. Having run events myself, I know how much effort is put, from small details of costumes, to security, and even lighting. Kudos City of Sydney. Would love to work for you in the future.

Highlight: definitely the parade. The pumping music, the people, the vibes… it’s fabulous! There is quite a bit of advertising attached to the floats but it is suttle enough for us to notice. It’s actually quite a long trail too! It probably took 1.5 hours to finish. But those fireworks with that horse/military/fighting background made the night memorable.

Suggestion of improvement: don’t get me wrong, but it was hilarious seeing everyone pulling up the chairs from the restaurants and shops on the side. People were hanging off walls and even standing on poles. That is quite unsafe. Even having the people at the front sit down would make life much easier for those standing at the back on their tippy toes. Unfortunately I’m a short girl.

Ends: Sunday February 2, 2014

Angela Bee


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