Sydney’s Backyard at the Opera Bar

There isn’t a more Australian thing to do than have a hot sausage sizzle in your right hand, and an Aussie beer in the other, particularly with the backdrop of Sydney’s most iconic attractions at the Opera Backyard BBQ.

The Opera Backyard BBQ - photo 2

The Opera House kitchen turned into an Aussie backyard for the past few weeks in lead up for Australia Day from 12-9pm, including musical performances on selected evenings.


The hint of green amongst the world class views of the harbour was the perfect solution to enjoying the summer lovin’ weather. Head over to the bar for some lemonade or beer.

The Opera Backyard BBQ - photo 1

Snag a (quite) expensive snack of cob on a cob $5, sausage sizzle $8, prawn skewers $10.

The Opera Backyard BBQ - photo 5

Then sit back on the chairs to enjoy the moment.

The Opera Backyard BBQ - photo 7

Best thing was the laundry hanging up. It’s quite rare that I had a conversation with foreigners about the hills hoist. Is it something we are proud of?

The Opera Backyard BBQ - photo 4

A little kids area with Connect Four!! I honestly didn’t know it was ‘Australian’.

The Opera Backyard BBQ - photo 6

Head up the stairs for the best kodak moment in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Opera Backyard BBQ - photo 8

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Opera Backyard BBQ Bar): =)

Ambience: =|

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go to the Opera Backyard Barbeque everyday? Unless you arrive at 11 on the dot or even when the weather is a bit down I don’t think I would because it gets so crowded! It’s actually quite a small area.

Would I pay to go to the Backyard BBQ? Sydney’s icons can be seen from plenty of angles and they are all spectacular. Fees are not charged so nope! The views itself should will get the money rolling for the Opera Kitchen.

Highlight: the white laundry hanging up on the tents. Who would’ve thought that would be more iconic than a fake beach? Kudos. Also, that killer background.

Suggestion of improvement: make it bigger because the amount of seats is quite minimal. And maybe have a dessert menu like pavlova or lamingtons for more variety. I also think we are lacking kangeroos and koalas in the area.. maybe we’ll need an outback theme next year!

Ends: January 27, 2014

Angela Bee


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