$1 pearl earrings – Michael Hill

$1 perfect pearl earrings? Get OUT!

Michael Hill - photo 3

“With exclusive rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and more, we offer you everything from inspired collections that reflect global trends to timeless classics you’ll want to wear again and again.” -Michael Hill website

Michael Hill - photo 7

My friends became #thewalkingadvertisement today when they thoughtfully came in to where I worked and showed me the $1 pearl earrings they bought.

How on earth does this happen? I, myself cannot know how the shop at Macquarie Centre did it, nor would I know how many they had, but apparently this promotion was across all Michael Hill stores.

Michael Hill - photo 4

I immediately went on my lunch break and headed over to hand over a tiny gold coin for a precious gift. I bought it for my manager since it was her birthday next week. Free gift wrapping available too.

Michael Hill - photo 2

The store is located opposite Supre, a bit further up from The Coffee Club at the Food Court.

Michael Hill - photo 5

Online, the cheapest pearl earrings I found on its website http://www.michaelhill.com.au/ was $29. When you click ‘Quick View’, it compares the earring to similar companies.

Michael Hill - photo 1

Check out their January sales.

Michael Hill - photo 6

I have the best friends ever. Unbelievable. China can’t even beat this.


Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (pearl earrings): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I buy more $1 pearl earrings? Is this even a question? YES! I’ll buy 100 and give them away to my friends haha!!

Would I pay $29 for the pearl earrings? Yes? My parent bought me some black pearl earrings from their $99 China Tour and it was $AUD 15 approx. In a normal circumstance I would anyway. They’re a classic. Wearing them would be another story..

Highlight: Handing over that $2 coin and getting $1 back for change. Even the lady at the counter had a huge grin on her face. Is this even possible? I guess they are making huge amounts of money from everything else. Maybe they marginalized on their profit over the Christmas and New Year sales?

Suggestion of Improvement: Please bring in more!!!!

Ends: Oops, I think I took the last one at Macquarie Centre. The sales assistant told us to go to Chatswood to have a look.

Angela Bee


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