The Vogue Cafe student specials

Specials EXCLUSIVE to our readers from The Vogue Cafe Macquarie Centre.

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 8

Students, show off your ID cards at the Vogue Cafe, level 2 of Macquarie Centre, to receive $7 coffee and cake, $12 sandwich and smoothie, $15 burgers, chips and can of drink.

Vogue Cafe opened is a creative and quirky cafe at Macquarie a centre that offers a Melbourne-style atmosphere, located on the left side of Myer, very close to Pandora.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 18

Sarah, the owner and manager of the cafe, is offering our readers and all students to massive savings on presentation of a student card.

1. Coffee and cake $7

Normal price: coffee/tea $3.50 + cake $6.50 = $10
Saving: $3

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 3

2. Sandwich and smoothie/milkshake/frappe $12

Normal price: sandwich $10 + smoothie $5.50 = $15.50
Saving: $3.50

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 2

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 4

3. Burger, chips and can of soft drink $15

Normal price: Burger $17.50 + chips $7.50 + soft drink $4 = $29
Saving: $14

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 1

4. Be part of a club or group at uni and get 20% off your bill.

What’s even better is that they offer free wifi so it’s great for those who want to study, or even meetings for group assignments, club meetings, etc.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 13

I’ve come here more than a couple of times and the best thing about it is that the coffee is actually good. Everyone has said that it’s a ‘cute’ cafe and Macquarie Centre definitely needed something like this!

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 6

Look at the deco! Loving all the detail! It’s even coming from above.

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 5

I sampled the cake and coffee because that is one sweet deal!

For the first time I got a takeaway and received some gummi bears and licorice bullets on top.

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 10

Check out the chocolate milkshake.. mmmm…. it’s as good as it looks..

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 7

The cake was pretty nice too. Nutella and pear tart and sticky date pudding. Definitely needed that scoop of ice cream as a compliment!

The Vogue Cafe Student Specials - photo 9

The mixed berry fresh fruit smoothie is to DIE for on a hot day. The berry mix has a refreshing taste and those crushed nuts add that extra nudge to it.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 1

Forget about walking to Campus Hub for a good coffee or lunch. Instead, take the (longer) walk to The Vogue Cafe it’s spectacular student specials.
Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (student specials): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I come here everyday? I usually come here once a week because I work at Macquarie Centre. The Shingle Inn’s $7 coffee and cake special is only after 2pm. Chantillys has $3.50 coffee but if I get both coffee and cake if I’m feeling like spoiling myself, of course I would come down!

Would I pay full price for the specials? I would for the coffee and cake because it was so fabulous that my friends who I came with a few months ago said it was ‘very memorable’ and we all paid full price. The smoothies are simply amazing so worth it’s value. The burgers are big and juicy. Probably would never pay $17 for a burger but $15 for the lot is pretty amazing.

Highlight: the smoothies. Don’t go without trying the goodness in the jars. They should have a party on its own.

Suggestion of Improvement: I know they can’t relocate but it would’ve been probably better if they were closer to Macquarie Uni entrance, although they are right next to a parking entrance. I really like how they have an outside area but they could probably keep a closer eye on table service because I saw some people waiting… Oh, and possibly a Facebook page or website for current menus, specials, contact, etc.

Deal: mention ‘Angela’s student specials on The Walking Advertisement’ or download the vouchers in the below link.

Ends: May 31, 2014. Must present Student ID upon redemption.

Angela Bee

The Vogue Cafe Student Special Vouchers

Please note that The Vogue Cafe has re-opened as of October 2014. Same location and french-inspired cafe pictures below. 

It’s a bit noisy as it is right next to a car park but it’s charming and lovely!

The Vogue Cafe - photo 1

The Vogue Cafe - photo 2 The Vogue Cafe - photo 3 The Vogue Cafe - photo 4 The Vogue Cafe - photo 5


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