Ikea Restaurant – Rhodes

Re-live your European exchange life by going to Ikea. Don’t go for the furniture, go for the cheap food.

Ikea Rhodes - photo 20

IKEA is a Swedish based furniture shop that is also known for its former $2 breakfast combos and other foods. A short walk from Rhodes station or cross the Meadowbank Rail bridge to Rhodes Shopping Centre, the big yellow and blue sign is what you would be looking for a cheap breakfast or lunch.

Ikea Rhodes - photo 6

Heading up the escalators, turn immediately to your left, instead of taking the long winded trail around the store when you slide to the right.

Take a trolley with levels to hold your platters- almost like high tea!

Ikea Rhodes - photo 18

Take your utensils, then salads or dessert to begin with, then move onto the hot foods section for the chefs to serve you the salmon, cannelloni, mash, chips or more.

Ikea Rhodes - photo 19

Take some bread, more pastries and then line up to pay at the counter.

Ikea Rhodes - photo 17

This reminded me exactly of my high school year in France. Every lunchtime, we got our lunch cards, swiped it, the collected our salads, main, baguette, fruit, and then dessert.

Ikea Rhodes - photo 23

Condiments, drinks and coffee are available in a separate stand after.

Ikea Rhodes - photo 16

Kids meals are also available with a kids area. High chairs, microwave also available.

Ikea Rhodes - photo 22

Loving the interior, particularly the lights.

Ikea Rhodes - photo 15

Ikea Rhodes - photo 12

This is what we ate: 15 meatballs with chips $9.99, vegetable medallion $0.79ea, pumpkin cannelloni $6.99, butterscotch tart $3.99.

Meatballs are famous and they’re quite soft with a large amount of gravy on top, which is just enough for the stiff hot chips. Vegetable medallion is delicious, whilst the cannelloni is pretty average. The best was the butterscotch tart! It tasted like a bar of Picnic with cream in the middle!

Ikea Rhodes - photo 7

After you’re done, put your tray in the rack for washing.

Ikea Rhodes - photo 14


Ikea Rhodes - photo 1Ikea Rhodes - photo 2Ikea Rhodes - photo 3Ikea Rhodes - photo 4Ikea Rhodes - photo 5

There are so many people that it actually makes me feel like I’m back au lycee (at school)!
Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Ikea Restaurant): =)

Ambience: =|

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go everyday to eat at Ikea? I would go once every week at the most. If any of you have lived somewhere, either college or boarding school, I’m pretty sure you got sick of the food. But you had no choice right? The prices here are quite affordable and I would prefer eating here rather than anything else at the Rhodes food court.

Would I pay more for the the meals? Probably not. I remember my meals in France were $6 each day so I would say this pricing is quite similar ($8 approx all up).

Highlight: Lining up to get the meals and getting it for yourself! The salads, salmon wrap and tarts are some of the things you can get. You can see what the portions are like and see for yourself before deciding what to out on your trolley/plate.

Suggestion of improvement: If there was more spacing between tables that would’ve been nice because we kept on bumping into people. Not everyone wheels a trolley but that extra space would make it a bit more pleasant.

Ends: never, but check on website for current menu
Link: http://www.ikea.com/au/en/store/rhodes/restaurant

Angela Bee

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