The Big Issue Street Football Field 2014

Indoor soccer has reached a whole new level with The Big Issue’s fourth annual outdoor floating Football Field outside Harbourside from 10am-8pm daily January 7-17, 2014.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 3

The festival is Australia’s most significant community sporting event, which aims to celebrate diversity and showcase the power of football to unite the community and improve lives.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 7

Initially we didn’t see the football field because I thought it was where the rubber duck was. However, it was actually next to the floating restaurant just outside Anderson’s Ice Cream.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 9

The field is pretty small but allows players to kick rebounds or even kick high up in the air.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 5

There’s a little section for kids to colour in and I absolutely love the soccer ball bean bags.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 2

Even the lights along the harbour are lighting up the field!

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 6

The best thing about this was the names of the teams. My friend and I watched quite a few matches and ‘Bayside Gelato’ was definitely my fav, and ‘Complete Office Supplies’ following closely behind.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 1

Loving the COS cheer-squad with matching caps.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 8

Matches are 2 halves, 7 minutes each.

The music was also really nice. 90s and just before.

The players were pretty good too. Doesn’t hurt to have a good look at the boys..haha

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 4

Definitely want to go and watch the other matches. There was a small crowd but quite family friendly.

The Big Issue Football Field - photo 10

Is there a prize?

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (floating football pitch and matches): =D

Ambience: =|

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go and watch the Big Issue Football matches again? Ohhhhh yeahhhh. I quite like a quick match because it does make it more fast and intense. Probably makes it hard for the players but keeps the viewers.

Would I pay to watch the matches? A couple of dollars won’t hurt but I feel that his is more of a publicity stunt. There weren’t many people as I expected who we’re watching the teams play. They are more friendly games. If there were professional players, yes, but these people were probably just representing their work teams. Other teams included NAB and IAG.

Highlight: I’m a fan of sport so don’t get this wrong but just the matches itself! They weren’t slow and people who played were actually pretty good! The goals are a bit small but he ball is kicked rapidly. On top of that. The field floats up and down. I kinda want to play on it too..

Suggestion of improvement: Those soccer ball bean bags need to be duplicated 1000000 times. There wasn’t any seating at all. We were on the floor with the danger of seagulls. Most people were standing. I noticed a Gelatissmo marquee with just one small table and two chairs. Would’ve been better with some sort of organised seating to create the Arena effect.

Ends: January 27, 2014


Angela Bee


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