Merchant’s Store – Sydney Festival 2014

Want to bust out some Jackie Chan moves? Rescue your friend from falling out of the window, walk vertically on a wall, or even do a hand stand supported by only your index finger! Merchant’s store lets you do something extraordinary.

Merchant's Store - photo 3

Paris and London have marvelled at the perspective-skewing interactive art installations of Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich. Now, it’s Sydney’s turn to defy gravity.

Merchant's Store - photo 1

Erlich actually based the building off a 19th century Sydney storage building, where participants go up onto a stage with a 45 degree mirror placed infront.

Merchant's Store - photo 5

It gives the illusion that the façade is vertical! He should be the next ‘Illusionist’, right?

Time is not as fixed as we see it..

Merchant's Store - photo 6

The public become the actors, building their own story and playing it!

The queue isn’t that bad either. After asking volunteers, the average waiting time is 15 minutes. They allow approximately 20 people to go on at the same time for 4.5 minutes.

Merchant's Store - photo 4

Conveniently located at Palm Grove, next to IMAX Theatre Darling Harbour.

Merchant's Store - photo 2

Any take as many photos as you like!

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Merchant’s Store): =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I go everyday Merchant’s Store? I would go a couple of times! It’s fun the see the creativity the public has to bring and it’s hilarious seeing all the phones and camera go about. It’s almost as if you’re on the big screen (literally) with mini a paparazzi!

Would I pay for entry? Ha. I wouldn’t mind giving a gold coin donation just to go for fun. Four and a half minutes goes by really quickly!

Highlight: Seeing the faces of those who don’t know what is actually going on! I love illusions and even magic tricks in general.

Suggestion of Improvement: I like the briefing beforehand on how everything with work, and also that it’s extremely family friendly. Having a camera externally to capture a ‘group’ funk photo would be the best. Then a screen with all the shots would be fun to watch whilst waiting.

Ends: January 23, 2014


Angela Bee


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