Chance – Sydney Festival 2014

Come down to the rattling Carriageworks, Redfern from 10am-6pm to see a FREE exhibition of the Chance collection of memory, loss, birth and death by intriguing artist, Christian Boltanski.

Chance - photo 5

As the ‘poet advocate for the dispossessed’, Christian Boltanksi invites you to explore the idea that all human life is the result of chance.

Chance - photo 9

Entering into the doors of what normally is a huge empty space, you’ll be faced with a 40m x 8m structure called the ‘Wheel of Fortune’.

Chance - photo 10

Going around are pictures of new born babies gleaned from the birth announcement photos from a Polish newspaper. When a bell rings and the structure stops, one of the pictures will be displayed on a screen randomly.

Chance - photo 4

On each end, the installation, ‘Last News from Humans’ features a green number indicating the number of births, and red number indicates the number of deaths 24 hours a day. On average there are 200 000 more people born than those who die each day.

Chance - photo 1

Chance - photo 2

Walking to the other side, the ‘Be New’ computer screen allows you to press a button, generating facial pictures of 52 deceased Swiss in 3 parts. Apparently there are 1.5million alternatives!

Chance - photo 3

There’s also a wall of information as pictured below.

Chance - photo 6

And some other random things relating to ‘chance’ to buy like paper frogs or bells.

Chance - photo 7

The table features black and white portraits with opportunity to take home a pamphlet.

Chance - photo 8

This will be great to go to if you’re already at Carriageworks for another event, or even on a Saturday when the Eveleigh Markets are on next door!

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Chance Exhibition): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go to the Chance exhibition again? I think once is enough. It’s a 3 in 1 installation so it’s good to just go and have a quick look. I probably wouldn’t go just for it though.

Would I pay to go to the exhibition? Probably not considering it’s not an exhibition with other artworks or installations by other aritists either. It’s pretty small. It’s just big because the Wheel of Fortune is massive.

Highlight: Trying to look at the photographs of polish babies! It’s all in black and white and it’s so fascinating trying to follow the wheel around! It’s also outstanding to see how many more births there are than deaths in an instant! It all adds up!

Suggestion of Improvement: I liked how there were volunteered to ask us if we knew about it. Fortunately we saw the spill about it on Network 10 news. I’m aware that there are ticketed events also seen here but it would’ve been nice to have more to see.

Ends: March 23, 2014


Angela Bee


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