Sacrilege – Sydney Festival 2014

Today I spent almost $2000 on a flight to London, then did a day tour for £30 to see the Stonehenge. False.

Today I spent $5.20 on a train ticket to Townhall station, went to Hyde Park to see (and play around) an inflatable Stonehenge for FREE. True.

Sacrilege - photo 4

“Sacrilege is a timeless monument treated to an irreverent modern makeover. Having baffled historians for centuries, Stonehenge is reimagined as a life-size inflatable castle– with everyone invited to have a bounce.”

Sacrilege - photo 1

Nested neatly next to the fountion at Hyde Park Sydney and St Mary’s Cathedral in the background, Sydney’s largest jumping castle is for all ages from 9am-9pm January 9-26 2014.

Sacrilege - photo 3

It’s a 30 minute queue to allow 100 people at a time to have 10 minutes worth of jumping, squealing, photo-taking and tumbling around. Feel like a child again and bounce on the greenery.

Sacrilege - photo 2

This was me at the actual Stonehenge in 2010. There were fenced and it was being well preserved.

Sacrilege - photo 8

Any similarities? Definitely more green here in Australia and without barriers.

Sacrilege - photo 7

Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Sacrilege): =D

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I go and line up again? Why not? 20 minutes of your life isn’t too bad to go on a massive castle like this and it doesn’t happen everyday! Go with friends so the fun will be tripled!

Would I pay full to on a Stonehenge inflatable? Probably!! It’s quite fun and as mentioned before, you rarely see this. I want to see the Rubber Duck return and be transformed into a jumping castle on its back next year.

Highlight: Jumping up and down. 10 minutes is enough time so the novelty won’t wear off. And the queue isn’t too long..

Suggestion of Improvement: It needs to be even bigger next year! Just kidding.. some shade would be good because it can get slightly hot waiting and your feet literally need to bounce off to avoid the hotness. Wear socks.

Ends: January 26 2014, closed Mondays


Angela Bee


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