Victoria’s Secret X Hit workouts

The trainers of the Victoria’s Secret Angels have made FREE fitness workout videos so that we can aim to get that slim and sexy ‘angel’ figure. What a clever idea to promote VS.

X Hit - photo 3

Rebecca-Louise, Kelsey Lee and Cynthia Dallas are the fitness gurus of X Hit – daily workouts with a healthy dose of energy!

X Hit - photo 4

I started doing these in the past week of December 2013 after my friend from work told me about how intense they are.

X Hit - photo 10

Their excercises are well thought out. For example you will do 1 minute of every exercise, then 30 seconds of every exercise you did before. The last 1/3 of the video goes by extremely quickly so you barely notice you’re doing much!

X Hit - photo 11

Another great thing is that all the trainers are straight to the point and cut to the chase. If you want to listen to someone who lets you focus for a ‘can do’ attitude, then this series would be for you.

Playlists on their youtube channel include:

X Hit - photo 5X Hit - photo 6X Hit - photo 7X Hit - photo 8

X Hit - photo 9

The website is pretty straightforward and simple, easy to navigate and simply choose your part of the body you want to focus on for the day.

X Hit - photo 12

X Hit - photo 1

Rating Review:  =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (X Hit videos):  =D

Ambience:  =)

Service:  =|

Value:  =)

Would I use X Hit videos everyday? I am currently doing one or two video everyday and I’m actually loving it! The workouts all make you break a sweat and if they aren’t you’ll need to push yourself a bit harder! Other fitness videos can be laid back but I haven’t come across one yet that doesn’t hit you hard.

Would I pay to use X Hits? Probably not at this point. It hasn’t been updated since July 2013 so I prefer something current.

Highlight: Who doesn’t want to train with the Victoria’s Secret model trainers and see what it’s like to be like one of them?!

Suggestion of Improvement: I love a workout with good music so probably some nice background music would make time fly faster. Perhaps bringing in more videos in 2014 to help those motivated people have a set calendar to work from. And maybe incorporate better eating habits for a complete lifestyle routine would be interesting too.

Angela Bee


One thought on “Victoria’s Secret X Hit workouts

  1. Ellen January 6, 2014 / 11:39 pm

    How interesting! Thanks for the share!


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