APIA International – Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre

Can’t make it to Melbourne for the Australian Open? APIA International offers FREE tickets to view qualifying matches the day before, and the day before that (3-4 January 2014).

APIA International - photo 8

From January 5-11, APIA International is an APT and WTA tournament played on outdoor hard courts. Small tournaments like this build the suspense up to the Australian Open every year.

APIA International - photo 3

Two days before the competition, qualifying matches are played for the wildcard entries of the competition. Winners play in the actual competition.

APIA International - photo 5


APIA International - photo 2


APIA International - photo 1

The public have the chance to watch these free of charge to see upcoming stars verse each other.

Normal Prices…


APIA International - photo 6

Sometimes you’ll even get a glimpse of some world class tennis players practicing without a massive crowd around you.

APIA International - photo 4

I think back in Year 11 I volunteered.. and met Novak Djokovic the day he landed in Sydney. He came to check out the courts in the late afternoon before the (formerly named) Medibank International. OH. MY. GOSH. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

APIA International - photo 7

And Yes, I met a LOT of other extremely talented tennis players like Serena Williams, Sam Stosur, Roger Federer, Lleyton Hewitt…

Who knows who you might bump into next time 😉

-Watch it on TV if you’re a couch potato.

-Watch or listen Online if you’re at work.

-> Go to Sydney Olympic Park if you’re a fan and get some vitamin D.


Review Rating: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (tennis matches): =)

Ambience: =|

Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go everyday year to the qualifying games? I’ve been already for a couple of years so I won’t go again because I have seen a lot of top players. However, if I loved tennis or was new to seeing live matches I would most definitely go!! It’s your chance to get those autographs without the crowd!

Would I pay for a full price $20 ticket? I would probably pay half the price because there aren’t any big names playing but there is the slight chance that you’ll see someone who has potential and in 2 years time you’ll probably say ‘I saw that player play as a kid!’ Also, top players will be training so it’s worth the money to get up front and personal with them.

Highlight: Seeing my favs like DJOKOVIC train with their trainers in real life. You’ll see how much they train and see that they are people with fun personalities (Serena Williams is fun to watch).

Suggestion of Improvement: Who can complain? For me Sydney Olympic Park is a trek and there aren’t as frequent trains as the competition dates. That is all. I love tennis.

Ends: January 4, 2014

Angela Bee


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