Beautiful Hair Macquarie Centre

How much many do you spend washing, cutting, blow drying, massaging, colouring, curling, straightening and styling your hair?

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 6

Last week a low cost modern black and red hairdressing boutique opened its doors at Macquarie Centre- only $22 for a female style cut and 20% off if you’re a student. That makes $17.60 for a cut.

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 5

Located on the top level, near The Bagel and Coffee Co and Kikki.K, these packages would be great if you want a new look for the new year.

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 7

Having received flyers at work for this salon, I decided to give it a go since my hair was starting to look like a massive haystack. Thick, bulky, split ends, knots. Most girls know what I mean.

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 9

Going in, there was s colourfully sharp display of hair products. The lower section is for the men’s and up the stairs is for the women.

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 8

Loving the architecture.

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 1

Big comfy chairs, magazines, and even a complimentary coffee. I’ve even heard that other hairdressers do hand and foot massages!

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 2

The hairdresser who cut my hair was lovely and asked a few questions and had good suggestions. She had a thick UK accent and so did the other girls working there!

Took around 30 minutes but I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t use the blow dryer right at the end to remove excess hair. I was left shaking my head and fluffing around with my hair getting all the small bits out.

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 3

Nice place and loving the accents, nothing extraordinary.

2013, DECEMBER - Beautiful Hair - photo 4

Rating review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Service (hair cut): =)

Ambience: =)

Customer Service: =)

Value: =)

Would I go back there for a haircut? Yes, and why not? Just Cuts charge $29 with their Peppa Pig Christmas logo but this is over $10 cheaper. Personally, I’m not a person who really cares too much about my hair unless its cut really badly (ie the time I went to Carlingford Village because my mum said it was good- its not. They cut 20cms off. It didn’t look pretty so I covered it with a beanie I got from France #win). Hair grows out.

Would I pay the extra 20%? I think I would! I saved $4.40 but that doesn’t seem too much compared to what I would pay at another place. I didn’t get screwed up and they gave me a little cup of coffee for waiting for 2 minutes whilst the hairdresser finished off another person.

Highlight: Definitely the accent.

Suggestion of Improvement: I must admit I don’t go to high end fancy hairdressers and this one does its job pretty well for its value. Possibly sue the blow dry at the end so that hair that’s cut off is completely removed? Other than that, they do put 2 layers of black cloth around my neck.

Angela Bee


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