The wall of good deals – Macquarie Centre

The future of shopping is being tested out at Macquarie Shopping Centre as the innovative ‘Wall Mall’ enables shoppers to purchase deals with a mere scan (quick response- QR code) on their smartphones- this wall could be your next best friend.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 19

Forget going to every single shop, or flipping through pages of coupons from the Entertainment Book, or scrolling down through endless emails from Groupon. Head straight to the intelligent panel near Myer on level 2 to browse a shopfront of deals and specials for those who want to be technologically and economically ahead of everyone else.

QR scanners are free to download on Android and Apple devices so all you have to do is open up the app, put your phone towards the QR code, then you’ll have a limited amount of time to use your exclusive voucher.

Founder and inventor Isaac Balbin, of nTouch Agency, created the technology while completeing a PhD in electrical engineering to “engage people in a way where they feel the technology is actually going to help them.”

This might be the most innovative space in the area, but the Wall Mall  is actually the first of its kind in the world. Thankfully there’s a red carpet highlighting the importance of customers and remember the first thing we learnt working at our first fast food chain job? The customer is always first.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 13

These are the current offers that are on the wall which I am told will be there for the next few weeks. Shop owners need to pay to be on it though…

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 2

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 4

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 5

Arguably one of the Wall Mall’s biggest supporters is Vogue Café. The 1920s inspired calligraphic signs, ornamental pot plants and cute displays kind of give that Melbourne feel in an unexpected location.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 3

Scan the code above and you’ll have 30 minutes to redeem a FREE drink! Includes coffees, juices, fruit smoothies, soft drinks and more. Scroll to the end for full menu.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 18

Yesterday my friend got an organic orange juice. Nothing special. I wished there was pulp in it to make it more ‘real’? Cute Christmas cup though.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 20

Today I had the mixed berry fruit smoothie ($5.50) which was absolutely amazing with frozen berries, crushed peanuts and a piece of wafer on the top! I would prefer this cutesy place compared to Boost Juice anytime. GET IT!

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 1

I’ve also had coffee and cake here before with a couple of friends and was handed the cutest teddy bear cappuccino.

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 15

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Wall Mall + Vogue café drinks): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I scan another QR code? Definitely. Unfortunately each offer is only limited to one per smart phone. I’ll probably need a free coffee next time I do a 9 hour shift..

Would I spend $$ on the same deals? I’ve only scanned one of the deals and I would definitely go back to the Vogue Café and even recommend it to friends. Other cafes in Macquarie Centre such as The Coffee, Club, Chantilly’s and Shingle Inn are more classy and modern in comparison to the funky arty cutesy café we have here.

Highlight: It’s simple. If you already have a QR scanner downloaded to your Appstore or PlayStore, then all you have to do is open it up and scan. There is no need to register and you simply need to find the store if you like the deal

Suggestion for Improvement: Maybe have a map of where the stores on the wall are? We had only 30 minutes to redeem the Vogue Café drink and what if we walked around in a massive circle in the puzzling maze of shops at Macq? I remember my business studies teacher always saying that Macq was designed for people to get lost so shoppers stumble upon shops they would never go to and find new treasures. In some ways its good, but one of those touch screen maps placed close to the wall would be helpful. In saying this, I have been noticing that there are quite a few people wearing ‘Macq Centre’ shirts with an (i) icon for information  services. Great walking tactic!

Angela Bee

Below is the menu for Vogue Café

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 10

2013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 62013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 72013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 82013, DECEMBER - Wall Mall - photo 9


Please note the Wall Mall is not present at Macquarie Centre anymore due to renovations. If it comes up again, I’ll adjust this post accordingly.


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