Birthday freebies

Feeling like you are the most special person in the world on your birthday only gets better if you get free food.

2013, DECEMBER - Birthday Specials - photo 9

That one day of the year, your birthday, should be stress-free, drinking for free, and eating for free. Below is a list you can follow if you want a full belly without shredding your wallet.

– begin the morning with a free muffin from Muffin Break. The best thing about this place for me is that they show you how many calories you are about to consume. Pretty good for a (wannabe) health conscious girl like me. Don’t forget to ask for fresh or ones that are hot! My friend has also said that: ‘You can actually get your birthday muffin anywhere between 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after your birthday. However, you can only get this once, not every year.
With the “fresh one or hot” thing, Muffin Break bakes all their muffins in the morning of each day, so they’re always fresh’

Sign up online first.

2013, DECEMBER - Birthday Specials - photo 7

– a sunny day like that 34 – 41 degree weather we had today calls for a Boost Juice. Their new ‘lean and green’ smoothies are not too bad (and look kind of artificially green) but the ‘All Berry Bang’ is my all time favourite!

Make sure you have a Boost Juice card beforehand and register online.

2013, DECEMBER - Birthday Specials - photo 4

– Head to the meaty Lowenbrau for a free ($35) lunch! Actually, I didn’t know about this epic offer til today but apparently my brother knew about it so I guess it’s a real winner for all the males out there!! Bring me back to the Munich beer hall for some beer and pork knuckle please?

Ring ahead and confirm.

2013, DECEMBER - Birthday Specials - photo 8

– Had too much cake? Eat fresh with a 6 inch Subway club. With less than 6 grams of fat and a soft drink or water to wash it all down with, these delicious subs have never made being good too easy!

Register online, select your preferred store, then you’ll have 12 hours to use your voucher.

2013, DECEMBER - Birthday Specials - photo 1

– For an even healthier option (if you ask for the dressing separately), Pete Evans will probably have his own fancy top hated Sumo Salad waiting at your feet. My personal favourite is the Pumpkin and Pinenut and you can choose whichever size you feel!

Make sure you have a Sumo Salad card and register online at least one day before.

2013, DECEMBER - Birthday Specials - photo 6

– Delicious piping hot Spanish San Churros dipped in 2 pots of melted couverture milk, dark chocolate or caramel for you and a friend because there’s always room for desert! Your birthday is not a fiesta without something sucre (sweet) to finish off with! Celebremos!

2013, DECEMBER - Birthday Specials - photo 5

– The American chain, Hard Rock Café also offers a free birthday sundae of vanilla ice cream, chocolate magic and a heap of whipped cream with any meal purchase. It isn’t completely free but its ice cream!

2013, DECEMBER - Birthday Specials - photo 2

Baskin and Robbins do a free scoop of ice cream but the one at Darling Harbour was really stingy and needed it printed out. Didn’t even let me taste test any of the flavours.. so bleh..

2013, DECEMBER - Birthday Specials - photo 3

– Fancy going out on an evening to Darling Harbour but think it’s too expensive? Plate restaurant will give you one free main meal 7 days prior and/after your birthday. Subscribe on the link below and book online.

Plate restaurant - photo 1

After eating all day you’ll probably have a food baby. Maybe even twin food babies. Don’t forget to take photos, post them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and #hashtag #foodie #thewalkingadvertisement

Who wins for getting the most free food?

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Food: =D

Ambience: =D

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I have a birthday everyday? Don’t we all wish that would be true? Of course! Then there will be no such thing as homelessness!!

Would I spend $$ on the food above? Probably not for a muffin break since we make awesome muffins at home. If the weather is blazing hot then I would most definitely buy a Boost Juice although I’ve heard its contents are worth less than $1 a cup. Lowenbrau always has delicious food and brings back memories so I would go there for a birthday. Subway is a $5 cheap meal and they even have a loyalty card at my local store so I go there once in a while. For me, a lot of the Sumo Salads have too much dressing but they have lots of choices and if I’m feeling lazy at work I’ll get one. As for the San Churros, it is quite pricey and I used to make churros in a ‘Casa Chichi’ shop on the beach in France so I know they can be much fluffier on the insides and crispier on the outsides!

Highlight: Showing your ID – yes, DON’T forget your ID to prove that it’s your birthday! So vital! Also, a lot of stores, particularly Boost Juice say ‘Happy Birthday’ to you with massive grins (: I’ve also heard the Lowenbrau does a little dance for you if you’re special.

Suggestion for Improvement: You can’t really say no to any of this but it’s best if you find some friends. Honestly, who can eat 6 full meals a day? Sharing is caring! Another downfall is that you’ll need to walk from store to store so go to shopping centres like Westfield Parramatta to stop you from driving from one side of the town to another.. although you’ll probably need the exercise afterwards.

Bon appetit!

Angela Bee

For a full list of deals/freebies visit:


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