Shingle Inn Macquarie Shopping Centre

Est 1936, the ‘Decadent, Delicious, Deserved’ Shingle Inn cafes have opened their doors to enrich its customers with its delicate desserts and delightful bowls coffee.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 3

Since 2009, Macquarie Shopping Centre is currently undergoing a $390 million world class redevelopment. With over 130 new specialty stores opening, Shingle Inn is a new worthy competitor that is located on Level 1, opposite the photo shop and next to the onsie shop.

Today and tomorrow they are giving away free cupcakes as small samples to entice shoppers, particularly those with a sweet tooth! Sorry, the picture below has squished icing.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 4

From tomorrow and for the next possibly 3 days, they will be giving a free cup of coffee for each cake slice purchased. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the cake menu from the new owners of the franchise who were keen to have a chat with me before its official opening.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 2

Those classy red patterned chairs behind the reflective separation barrier gives it that chic and elegant vibe, acting as a teaser before they take down the new ‘opening soon’ wall.

2013, DECEMBER - Shingle Inn - photo 1

Stay tuned as tomorrow I try out their cakes and determine if their ‘secret’ beans are worth telling anyone. Oh, and by the way, the owner did say that the he only chooses  good looking baristas who know their beans.. maybe that’s he’s secret to new success!

Keep watching this space for more opening specials and tomorrow’s coffee rating review..

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product (Cupcakes): =(

Ambience: =)

Service: =)

Value: =|

Would I grab another free cupcake? No, it tastes like cake mix. I took one bite and gave the rest to my mum.

Would I spend $$ on the cake slice to get a free coffee? Probably not that I ate the cupcake. You can really tell if one is home made or not!

Highlight: the ambiance for sure. Nice dim and some what romantic setting.

Suggestion of Improvement: Please don’t use cake mix from now on? Maybe make them yourself or just outsource because my mum’s cupcakes are yum!

Angela Bee

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