Direct Shoe Warehouse Macquarie Shopping Centre

This might be the smallest warehouse I’ll ever step into but this cute little shoe shop right opposite Dymocks has a few surprises.

2013, DECEMBER - DSW Macq - photo 1

$9 shoes.

2013, DECEMBER - DSW Macq - photo 2

Enough said.

2013, DECEMBER - DSW Macq - photo 3

2013, DECEMBER - DSW Macq - photo 4

2013, DECEMBER - DSW Macq - photo 6

How and what can go wrong with $9 shoes? Believe me, and I mean, look deep into my eyes if you dangerously want to compare price with quality. Is it wrong to say that I work here? Well in fact, I do and I know how much these shoes cost at cost price and DSW are NOT making any (much or if any) money from these sales. Court Couture and Therapy are extremely popular brands.

2013, DECEMBER - DSW Macq - photo 5

You’re probably asking why, right?

  1. DSW Macquarie opening earlier this year in March so it’s been less than a year since their first trade and so many people still don’t know they exist.
  2. There are tons of competitors like Novo, Williams, Freelance Shoes around in the Centre.
  3. The car park has been a downfall and more shoppers are going to Top Ryde because there’s just no parking.
  4. It’s Christmas and presents are for everyone! Christimas parties, weddings, New Years celebrations….
  5. It’s part of a branch of a group, DSW, so they can afford it at this stage.

What’s even more exciting is that DSW Macquarie offers 5% discounts to those with student IDs. It isn’t heavily promoted but it does help you save those extra $$.

2013, DECEMBER - DSW Macq - photo 7

There’s also a Christmas special with 30% off all shoes! Honestly, it’s so cheap and comfy I don’t know why you’ll be going elsewhere..

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Product ($9 shoes): =)

Ambience: =)

Service: =D

Value: =D

Would I buy another $9 pair of shoes? Of course! Considering the ‘normal’ prices are normally $39.95, which is a quarter of what it’s normally sold at.

Would I spend $39.95 on the same pair of shoes? Nope. Who knew spending could be so cheap? There’s a 30% off storewide sale at the moment so that’s definitely worth looking into.

Would I buy the same deal again? Yes but for other types of shoes.

Best thing: the cheapness but the downside is that it’s first come first serve basis. Sizes and designs vary.

Suggestion of Improvement: Have more in stock. The same style, size and colour of the shoe you want might be $9 in Macquarie, but aware that sales differ from store to store.

Angela Bee


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