Little Rumour

There’s a ‘Little Rumour’ that burgers, baskets of fries and beers are back on the board amongst busy business offices on 4 Castlereagh Street, Sydney.

2013, DECEMBER - Little Rumour - map

Groupon’s $10 Burger, fries and beer deal ( is a clear winner for a satisfying lunch or dinner meal if you’re working between Wynyard and Martin Place Station in the Sydney CBD.

“Little Rumour is a brand-new small bar in the heart of the CBD, by the team behind Batch Burger and Espresso, Kirribilli. The menu combines Thai street food with American-style bistro burgers and chilli dogs. Whet appetites by snacking on Bangkok fried chicken with Sriracha sauce and lamb spring rolls with hoisin or skip straight to the main event, with meals including the Brooklyn beef burger, pizzas and the classic Parmy.”

Spread the rumour about Little Rumour because my brother and I found it slightly hard to locate. It is inside an arcade-type building, with its cafe in front of the restaurant and bar. The cafe looked extremely appetizing, offering coffee, salads, muffins and sandwiches, but walk a little further and you’ll notice a bar with signs saying ‘$5 drinks’- not a bad price for drinks during or after work! (Shh, don’t tell the boss!)

As you walk in, the arty farty vibe will hit you. There are four areas you can sit in: outside stools and tables, watching a live installation that is cleverly situated next to the bar, royal blue couch with a gaming machine, or simply on the hard brown wooden table and white chairs as you walk in.

2013, DECEMBER - Little Rumour - photo 3

We were greeted with a wide eyed waiter who was (I felt) closely eyeing us as we walked in. He greeted us, accepted our vouchers and showed us our choices which came with fries and a Singha beer :

2013, DECEMBER - Little Rumour - photo 8

Brooklyn Burger (my brother got this)
100% Angus beef, bacon, smoked cheddar, pickles, tomato, lettuce and Spanish onion with Thousand Island dressing Brioche burger bun, served with fries and aioli

New Yorker Burger
100% Angus beef, bacon, fried egg, pineapple, beetroot, cheese and lettuce with BBQ and mayo on a brioche burger bun, served with fries and aioli

Tijuanero Burger (I chose this)
Spicy marinated chicken tenderloin, smoked cheddar, lime avocado, Spanish onion, cucumber, tomato, jalapenos & peri peri sauce on a brioche burger bun, served with fries and aioli

Classic Cheeseburger
100% Angus beef, cheese, pickles, Spanish onion, American mustard and ketchup on a Brioche burger bun, served with fries and aioli

Chilli Dog
Beef sausage, cheese, chilli mince, chilli sauce and American mustard on a white roll, served with fries and aioli

Noticing that they also do buffets of Thai salads, curries, rice and noodles for around $10, this place is not bad for those who want a full stomach.

2013, DECEMBER - Little Rumour - photo 1

The design and atmosphere reminds me of an art exhibition with short clips of animated characters displayed on one of the walls.

2013, DECEMBER - Little Rumour - photo 6

As you can notice, there isn’t really a ‘theme’ to this place which made me a tad confused because those chairs give that edge of the room a modern Asian feel…its as if a bunch of random funky stuff got together and made the furnishings of an unquestionably artistic room.

2013, DECEMBER - Little Rumour - photo 4

The bar has a modern but rusty feel to it too but of course it is well polished since its opening last month in November! It’s like we’ve just stepped into a comic strip scene!

2013, DECEMBER - Little Rumour - photo 5

We decided to sit on the ‘royal blue couch’. The dangerously slick and outrageous ornaments made this place stand out. There were even two boxes of old school disks.

2013, DECEMBER - Little Rumour - photo 2

Our meals were carried out to us even though they told us that our buzzer will beep when it was ready and the plus side was that we went pretty early – around 11 for an early lunch after my brother finished one of his exams!

2013, DECEMBER - Little Rumour - photo 7

How BIG is it? My mouth could barely reach both sides of the burger. We halved each portion to share and taste each others.

Brooklyn burger: beef patty was definitely better than the chicken making it extra tasty. This massive burger reminds me of Grilld burgers and the condiments were very similar.

Tijuanero burger: The chicken lacked a little but the sauce was brilliant!! It was so big that it nearly couldn’t fit in my mouth and the bun was also nice and soft.

Chilli dog: My friend came here through my recommendation and got this but said it wasn’t that great.. in other words, just stick with the burgers!

2013, DECEMBER - Little Rumour - photo 9

The chips were stick thin and were pretty much similar to ones from Maccas. They lacked some good chicken salt and came with an under performing aioli sauce although they were displayed neatly in a mini deep fryer rack. Maybe next time I’ll ask to exchange the fries with salad for a healthier choice. We barely managed to even finish half of it! The Singhas helped us wash down our burgers.. but I wouldn’t mind another to help me finish the fries!

Seeing everyone come in their nice little office suites is really a testament of how their little rumour has spread around the area. There was a lot of variety and unlike other places where people with solely vouchers would come, this restaurant needed the Groupon deal to act as a launchpad for growth.

Rating Review: =D  =)  =|  =(

Food and drink: =)

Ambience: =D

Service: =)

Value: =D

Would I buy another $10 deal? YES – I mean, it even includes a beer!

Would I spend $22 on the same meal? perhaps. I would probably discard the fries though.

Would I buy the same deal again? Yes

Best thing: the vibe, especially the royal blue comfy couch! Also, no bookings required.

Suggestion of Improvement: Add some chicken salt to the fries or add more garlic to the aioli sauce and give it that ‘wow’ factor.

Angela Bee
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